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Commercial Roller Shutters

We know that that your merchandise, stock and equipment are the mainstay of your business, any loss or damage could cause you to shut up shop for the short term and in the worst case, cease trading. That is why here at Manchester Roller Shutters, in our own factory, we make it our priority to produce Roller Shutter, Steel doors and High Speed doors to highest specification, for a very competitive price.

You have our guarantee that our custom made security doors will keep your assets as safe as possible, behind the highest quality steel doors.

Steel doors are your best option for external facing openings. The material can withstand heavy traffic and holds up well to the elements. Come rain, hail, sleet or snow, even the unusual occurrence of a hot summer day, these doors will hold their integrity and safety. You and your business will never have felt so protected.

These doors require minimal maintenance, but for insurance purposes we can carry out an annual inspection on request.