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High speed doors

"Does my business need a High Speed Door?"

Businesses that benefit from the installation of High Speed Doors, generally fall into one of two categories:

- Food storage/preparation, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical Storage
Where your product has to be kept at a specific temperature or when being subjected to a sudden rise/drop in temperature can cause deterioration of your product or stock, then a High Speed door is essential. A High Speed door will ensure that access or exit to the property is carried out quickly, safely and efficiently by completing it's opening and closing cycle in the optimum time. 

- Where security is an issue ie. high street traffic
If your premises are located in a busy thoroughfare a high speed door will ensure that your access is not left open for stock, product to be stolen or for any questionable parties to enter the building.

As with all our other products these High Speed doors require very little maintenance and for insurance purposes we can carry out an annual inspection.